Dabbergrass is proud to own and operate three farms located in Delaware County, OK.

Colcord – 60 Acres

Our flagship farm and original cultivation location is in Colcord, Oklahoma.

Spanning more than 60 acres, it is home to more than 10 warehouses and greenhouses for motherplants, clone propagation, and post-harvest processing.

Each season, the Dabbergrass team cares for more than 150,000 plants at our flagship farm.

Grove – 260 Acres

Our sprawling property in Grove spans more than 250 acres and sits just minutes from the Missouri state line.

The farm at Grove is home to a substantial part of Dabbergrass’ research and development activities. At this farm we develop, test, and implement new agricultural techniques and technology, as well as new genetics.

Jay – 100 Acres

A new addition to the Dabbergrass family for the 2021 season, this 100+ acre property in Jay is home to fertile soil and a diverse range of genetics.

The Jay property provides Dabbergrass with ample opportunity to scale our production in the coming agricultural seasons.